Impertio Musings


I'm not very far into the development of Impertio, but I'm already finding many deficiencies in the system like the parser being a /mess/ because Org is not a convenient language to parse. I'd honestly rather use Typst for syntax. Impertio's SSG nature is inconvenient and I am beginning to think that I would prefer to switch it to a SSR system in Rust. The templating system is mildly unpleasant &mdash there's no way to specify a template and templates are automatically discovered by traversing the directory tree until it finds a ~root.html~ in a parent directory[fn:TEMPLATES]. I need a way of specifying things in the head (page-specific styles or meta tags), and I do not currently have a way of doing that.

[fn:TEMPLATES] I have added the ability to specify templates with ~#+TEMPLATE: template_name~ while working on this post.