This site is still under construction. It uses [[https://github.com/r2boyo25/impertio-rs][Impertio]] to generate the site.
It is a bit plain right now - currently I only have headings, code blocks and tables. If it interests you, the source code for this page is at [[https://kazani.dev/index.org]].
Oh, wait. I added verbatim HTML. Brace yourself for "fancy" styling.

About Me

A headshot of Kazani, Kazani's green, blue, and white Avali character sticking their tongue out (but not disrespectfully).

Hi! I'm Kazani, an aspiring computer scientist and Sci-Fi fan.

My brain, in a grid.

Favorite Musical Artists Ivycomb, Peppsen, Wintergaten
Favorite TV Series Star Trek, Stargate (SG1, Universe, and Atlantis)
Favorite Video Games Minecraft, Space Engineers, and Factorio
Favorite Animals Avali, Protogens, Synths, Dragons, and cats
Favorite Food Grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in tomato soup
Favorite Website Wikipedia
Favorite Programming Language Rust and Haskell (cool-but-impractical language)
Favorite Operating System NixOS (Linux)

And now for random Impertio tests

fn main() {
  println!("Hello, world!");